Your favorite Furry Friends

Pet Portraits

As a pet guardian myself, I know how much an animal friend can mean in our lives...

 …How each one has their own character and unique features that make them special to us. I make these portraits for all you out there who appreciate your purring and barking buddies as much as I do. What’s even better is that I make them affordable and with lots of care and attention to make sure I capture the things that make your animal one of a kind. I offer a variety of options for customizing your painting or hand painted item. Pet portraits also make great gifts for family and friends, or even yourself, whether to tribute the memory of a passed beloved furry friend or celebrate the life and company of a current one. Click the thumbnails below to full view portraits.


Treat yo’self… or your family & friends!
Contact me to inquire about portrait commissions. Let me know what you had in mind (if you’re not sure what type of portrait you want, I can walk you through it and we can figure out what your best option is). I have options for various budgets and work in a variety of mediums and surfaces.


I request 2-3 clear and detailed photos of your pet.

The photos must be of your pet’s adorable face and photos that have them looking at the camera head on, and their head is at least 3 inches large in the actual photo itself.

I understand getting these perfect photos can be tricky, so here are some of my personal tips for photographing pets:​

Once you contact me with your inquiry & 2-3 photos, I will respond and then we can discuss the specifics of your order and try to customize it to be special for you and your pet.

I request a 50% deposit to begin your custom piece, the remainder plus shipping to be paid upon completion. I will let you know when your item is completed and expect the final payment before shipping. Once the piece is started the deposit is non-refundable as the materials and time have still been spent on your request.

In certain instances I can accommodate drop offs in areas of Brooklyn.

Prices do not include shipping costs, which will be determined based on your order and location.

Accepted payment methods: PayPal, Zelle Quickpay, & Venmo