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I am a multidisciplinary artist living and creating in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been licensed to tattoo in NY since 2010. After attending LaGuardia HS as an Art Major, I completed my apprenticeship in 2011 at a Bronx shop called Tattoo Mayhem. 

I work in a variety of media, including tattooing, paint, ink, and digital. My creations are an array of little stories and snippets of my life, the things I see around me, combined with the dreamy yet dark images dancing behind my eyelids.


Art is my method of communication with the world and I hope to share these visions with others and inspire people to tell their own stories and connect through creativity. I am inspired by a variety of styles including art nouveau, surrealism, anime, graphic novels and urban street art.


When I am not making visual art or tattooing, I spend my time working with animals, hanging out with my family, and songwriting

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