Custom Pet Portraits

As a pet guardian myself (and all around animal enthusiast), I know how much an animal friend can mean in our lives. How each one has their own character and unique features that make them special to us. I make these portraits for all you out there who appreciate your purring and barking buddies as much as I do. What's even better is that I make them affordable and with lots of care and attention to make sure I capture the things that make your animal one of a kind. I offer a variety of options for customizing your painting or hand painted item. Pet portraits also make great gifts for family and friends, or even yourself, whether to tribute the memory of a passed beloved furry friend or celebrate the life and company of a current one. Click the thumbnails below to full view portraits.


If you are interested in comissioning a portrait, please read the following.

I require at least 2 to 3 clear and detailed photos of your pet. The 3 photos must be of your pet’s adorable face and photos that have them looking at the camera head on, and their head should be least 3 inches large in the actual photo itself. 

Once you contact me with your inquiry & 2-3 photos, I will respond as soon as possible and then we can discuss the specifics of your order and try to customize it to be special for you and your pet.

I request a 50% deposit to begin your custom piece, the remainder plus shipping to be paid upon completion. I will let you know when your item is completed and expect the final payment before shipping.

-Once the piece is started the deposit is non-refundable as the materials and time have still been spent on your request.

-Prices do not include shipping costs, which will be determined based on your order and location. In certain instances I can accommodate drop offs in areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan for a small delivery fee.

-Accepted payment methods: PayPal, Chase Quickpay, personal check, cash or money order.  

Tips for Getting the Perfect Photo

I understand getting these perfect photos can be tricky, so here are some of my personal tips for photographing pets.

*Take them with a digital camera, while having a friend hold a treat right above your head.

*Make a attention grabbing noise, but not the one you would usually use to “call” them over to you.

*Try to get the light source above and behind you but don’t cast a shadow over them.

*Try not to use flash, it can wash out the color and detail of your pets beautiful features. (However flash photos are preferred to low-lit photos)

*The best lighting scenario is outdoors on cloudy day (early afternoon), or by a window indoors (with the window behind you).





1 single wine glass

approx.  3” custom portrait & optional name on base


Set of 2 wine glasses

approx. 3” custom portrait (1 or 2 pets) & optional name on base


Set of 3 wine glasses

approx. 3” custom portrait (3 pets) & optional name on base


More Info:

*One animal per glass/mug.

*Decorative name on base is optional at no extra charge.

*For additional design around portrait, stem, or base, add $5 per glass/mug.

*For >4” portrait, add $10 per glass.

Treat Jars

A perfect place to store your pet's treats, looks adorable and keeps treats fresh.


Old English Bulldog

1 Treat Jar

 with Custom Portrait on any Side $80

More Info:

Your choice of screw on lid OR snap Lid.

*Simple name is optional free of charge

*For additional design around portrait, add $5.

*Add 50% for additional animal on Jar

*Maximum 3 animals.

*All glassware/ceramics are hand painted with permanent non-toxic paint, they are safe for daily use and will last a long time with proper care.

Want Something to Hang Up?

Acrylic and Watercolor custom artwork available


Custom pet portrait on watercolor paper.

Your choice of full body, head, or bust.

8×10 ~ $90

11×14 ~ $130

16×20 ~ $170


Custom pet portrait painting on stretched canvas.

Your choice of full body, head, or bust.

8×10 ~ $110

11×14 ~ $155

16×20 ~ $210

More Info:

*Custom sizes are available upon request for watercolor portraits only,

*Name and solid color background optional free of charge.

*+30% per additional pet.

*+30% Decorative/detailed backgrounds or border.