I am a 23 year old artist living and creating in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been licensed to tattoo in NY since 2010. When I am not making art, I work with animals, hang out with my husband, and cook/eat food…

verb \krē-ˈāt\
transitive verb
1: to bring into existence
2: to produce through imaginative skill

I’ve always found true inspiration in the idea that “to create” is to have the ability to bring something into existence that wasn’t there before. In this world, full of calamity and destruction, many people do not know where to turn or how to relieve the pressure that is weighing down on them. I believe that if everyone could use some form of art (which is not just limited to fine or visual art), they would discover how powerful they can be. If more people were to find purpose by creativity, maybe there would be less destruction in the world.

I work in a variety of media, including tattooing, paint, ink, and digital. My creations are an array of little stories and snippets of my life, the things I see around me, combined with the dreamy yet dark images dancing behind my eyelids. Art is my method of communication with the world and I hope to share these visions with others and inspire people to tell their own stories and connect through creativity. I am inspired by a variety of styles including art nouveau, surrealism, graphic novels and urban street art.
Through my art, I want to tell my story. It is the story of the beauty of life and the darkness that comes hand in hand with it. You have to accept that pain and transform it into something that is a part of something bigger and much more beautiful. My story may be akin to yours, or it may be the opposite, but I think on some level we could all use the same feeling of hope and awe that I was given when I first touched my pencil to paper, my brush to canvas, and my machine to skin. It is the magic of holding the control, in a world where you have little control.

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